Can Supplements Really Help Autistic Children?

Supplements are good for the people most especially to the younger ones. It provides the necessary nutrients that our body needs that we can’t get enough from the food we eat. Doctors often advise that vitamins should be taken daily for better results. The question is, do these supplements help even the children who have autism? Here’s the thing, all of us needs vitamins and nutrients to keep us healthy. In the case where it concerns kids with autism, supplements shouldn’t be taken casually as like the others. We need to understand that autistic children are unique. The have special needs that are not applicable to kids who don’t have the condition. There are instances where supplements can cause a nutritional imbalance to children who have autism. Two things can happen if autistic children will intake supplements. They can have nutrients deficiency, or it can result in an excessive amount of vitamins in their body. If course, it is on a case to case basis.

We have all probably heard about the so-called multivitamins that are usually prescribed to children. Kids with autism often don’t need these extra nutrients in their body as it can cause more problems for them. I’m not saying that children with autism condition shouldn’t be given these supplements. It just needs to be administered and under the strict supervision of physicians. Most kids who have autism lack calcium. Excess intake of other supplements can cause more calcium deficiency which is not okay for anybody most especially the children who have autism. We don’t want to make their condition even worse, right? Before any supplements should be taken, the kids have to go through a thorough evaluation in regards to the needs of their body. Children with autism are cautious with what they eat. These kids are not advised to eat wheat or drink milk. The foods they eat are based on a strict diet with no gluten.

As per the studies conducted by the specialists, they found deficiencies among those who ate normally like the kids with no autism and even on the children who are taking in supplements. The only difference is the vitamins they lack in their body. Let’s put it this way. The kids who eat and intake meals like those children who doesn’t have autism disorder are found deficient in potassium, calcium, vitamins D and E. Those kids who are regularly taking supplements lack on folate, zinc and vitamin A. We all know that we need balanced nutrients in our body so we can be healthy. Excessive nutrient then shortage in another is not good for our well-being.

Supplements are there to make sure that we can get the enough nutrients we need. It is a fact that cannot be changed. It’s just that for the situation on autistic children, supplements or vitamins should be prescribed by a dietician or a nutritionist after a careful assessment of their condition. Kids with autism are special blessings, and we need to take good care of them. The best recommendation is to keep in touch with a nutritionist so the nutrition imbalance can be monitored.

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