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We provide advice and information to families of more advanced individuals with Autism, Asperger’s syndrome, and Pervasive developmental disorder (PDD).

As symptoms of autism are hard to tell, many people are unaware whether someone in their family has autism or not. The concept of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) includes Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD). ASDs affect one of every 68 children in the U.S. They are more widespread in boys compared to girls. MAAP Services is dedicated to providing information and advice to the families of individuals affected by ASD. It provides a networking opportunity. A quarterly newsletter is published which contains news and the latest development in the areas of ASD. You will also find several case studies to help you understand this disorder better.

What is Asperger Syndrome and Pervasive Development Disorder?

Asperger syndrome is a subtype of autism. People affected by this syndrome have difficulty with social interactions. They show restricted interests and repetitive behaviors. Pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) is characterized by delays in the development of socialization and communication skills. Both these disorders are incurable. Only the right support at the right time can help autism patients to lead a better life.

Some facts about ASD

• Earlier diagnosis is important in the case of ASD. It helps to improve language and social skills of the individual.

• The pattern of ASD is different for each child. In some cases, the child’s development starts late from birth. In some instances, the child grows up normally, and suddenly they lose their language or social skills. In some children, loss of language is the main impairment; whereas in others, unusual behavior is the primary factor.

• Autism affects both children and adults.

• At least one in three autistic adults has severe mental health difficulties because of lack of support from families and peers.

The cases of autism are rising, but it is not clear whether it is due to a real increase in the number of victims or because of improved diagnosis. Whatever the reason is, our duty is to raise awareness about this disorder so that it can be taken care of at an early stage.